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About purchase units

A purchase unit is part of a classification system used to consistently measure, quantify and value a service.  The purchase unit data dictionary (PUDD) is a spreadsheet that contains all purchase units for the counting of and contracting for health and disability services.

The PUDD includes the following information.

  • Tab a – purchase units for provider (hospital) and non-provider arm (community/non-governmental organisation [NGO]) services.
  • Tab b – a mapping table to provide mapping information on purchase units retired since version 16.3.
  • Tab c – definitions for units of measure, inter-district flow (IDF) units of measure and output classes (the same as contained in DHB annual plans).
  • Tab d – links to nationwide service specifications that must be used when using certain purchase units in contracts.
  • Tab e –  is a combination of any changes made to the latest version of the PUDD. 
  • Tab f –  PU codes for National Non-admitted Patient Data Collection (NNPAC).
  • Ministry only purchase units.
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations used in the PUDD.
  • Mapping tables for:
    • health speciality codes to casemix
    • purchase units contained in Sector Operations Payment Systems (Proclaim and CCPS).

For 2022/23, version 27 is the current version of the PUDD.

Guide to purchase units and the PUDD

The Guide to Purchase Units and the PUDD (docx, 194.38 KB) provides general information on purchase units, the PUDD and how to request a new purchase unit. The PUDD must be used in conjunction with the Common Counting Standards.

Request for new purchase units

To request a new purchase unit read the guide, then fill out the request template (xlsx, 58 KB) and email it to the NSFL team at [email protected].