System Level Measures Improvement Plans

Last updated 7 October 2020.

District alliances, made up of DHB of domicile and its health system partners, are responsible for implementing System Level Measures and developing an improvement plan that includes:

  • improvement milestones that is a number that shows improvement (either for Māori, the total population or a specifically identified population with equity gap) for each of the six System Level Measures. Improvement milestones are based on a district’s trend data and baseline and appropriate for the needs and priorities of local communities and health services. The improvement milestone is decided by the district alliance.
  • brief description of activities to be undertaken by alliancing partners (primary, secondary and community) to achieve the System Level Measures milestones
  • contributory measures for each of the six System Level Measures. These measures are chosen by the district alliance based on local needs, demographics and service configurations. Contributory measures enable the alliance to measure local progress against the System Level Measures activities
  • signatures of all district alliance partners to demonstrate am integrated and partnership approach to the development and implementation of the improvement plan.

The improvement plan forms part of the DHB Annual Plan and is approved by the Ministry.

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