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Equity actions in the DHB Annual Plans

Since 2017/18 there has been a focus on improving equity and this is reflected in DHB Annual Plans. The Ministry has committed to share progress made against equity actions in DHB Annual Plans. This supports the development of equity actions for future planning.

Equity actions focus DHBs to achieve health equity for their populations, including Māori. The focus of the equity actions varies, based on the needs and characteristics of the population of the district. 

To share work that is taking place around the country the Ministry has collated the qualitative equity actions as identified in the DHB’s Annual Plans and the reporting against these actions. These reports show what DHBs are doing to improve equity for their population and enables sharing of initiatives between DHBs, to support DHBs to continue to build on equity actions. The identified actions are not an exhaustive list of work the DHB undertakes for their population, it is an update on progress made against the equity actions in the DHB's Annual Plans.

The reports of the completed equity actions are presented in the excel sheets below. Māori, Pacific and other populations are included as identified in the Annual Plan.

Please note, quantitative reports that are received and assessed as part of the performance framework are separate to this report. The related pages box (right) lists links to data that provides a quantitative view on health equity.

DHB Annual Plans can be found on their local website, for further information on any of the initiatives please contact the DHB.


The Equity action file 2018/19 includes reporting from Quarter Two (December 2018) and Quarter Four (June 2019).



For 2017/18 there are files, one was completed at the end of quarter two (December 2017) and the other at the end of quarter four (June 2018).


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