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National Asset Management Plan

The Ministry has been asked by the Minister of Health to establish a National Asset Management Plan by December 2019.

A dedicated project team at the Ministry is working in partnership with DHBs and other technical experts to achieve this.

Why is a National Asset Management Plan (NAMP) needed?

You’ll be aware that while the Ministry has considerable information on DHB assets and there is a prioritisation system through the Capital Investment Committee, there is a need for a more standardised and comprehensive approach.

The NAMP will combine elements from the sector, including:

  • A database holding information on DHBs’ critical assets:
    • Condition; Fit for purpose; Demand; Capacity
  • A process and tool to:
    • Manage the information
    • Determine investment forecasts
    • Make informed decisions across the sector
    • Develop a pipeline for future capital investment

The National Asset Management Plan will give a complete overview on the status of facilities across all DHBs.

It will help DHBs to prioritise capital works, and it will provide a national perspective on issues like costs of building, maintaining, renewing or decommissioning facilities.

It will also enable the Government to make more informed decisions and to better prioritise remediation work and plan for new facilities.

For further information contact the team at NAMP@moh.govt.nz.

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