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Stage 4: Expiration of CFA variations

CFA variations eventually expire and it is the Variation Owner’s responsibility to ensure that DHBs and the CFA Coordinator are informed of what will happen to the service/funding.

The Variation Owner needs to ensure that funding allocations and service requirements of DHBs are resolved upon expiry of the CFA Variation (ie, funding is properly devolved, a new variation is executed, or services will no longer be funded or required).

Service Coverage Schedule

Once a CFA variation term is completed and it is decided the service will be devolved to the DHBs to manage and fund, the Service Coverage Schedule needs to be updated to reflect this so that the obligations for DHBs to fund the service is clear.

Devolving CFA variations

Early communication with the DHBs around proposed devolution is the best policy. Funding should ideally be devolved from the start of a financial year (from 1 July). Note that the complete process could take between 1–2 months so Variation Owners need to start this process as early as April/May.

Note: If the funding being devolved relates to mental health and/or addiction services, then you need to inform the Mental Health Team so ring-fence calculations can occur as required.


To start the devolution process, please contact:

CFA Coordinator – Michelle Goh

DHB Funding Advisors – Philip McConville/Byron Gill