Process information and guidance for preparing the annual report

Further to the process detailed in the Crown Entities (CE) Act 2004 and Treasury's guidance documents, a summary of the process is outlined below.

For all communication about the Annual Report process, the Ministry of Health contact is Michelle Goh. Email Michelle or call (04) 816 2214.

Step Action Date

Annual Report Process



  • annual Financial Statements and Statement of Service Performance to the Auditor General  [CE Act s156(1)(a)]
  • draft Annual Report to Auditor General [CE Act s156(1)(b)]

(The Auditor General is represented by the appointed auditor)

By 30 September (within 3 months of financial year end)


An electronic copy of the pre-audited draft Annual Report is to be forwarded to the Ministry of Health by email to:

(The draft will enable the Ministry to assess any significant issues that may need to be discussed before the final is sent to the Minister - See page 11, Treasury Guidance)

By 10 October


DHBs and subsidiaries receive audit report from the auditor [CE Act s156(2)(b)]

By 31 October


A signed electronic copy of the finalised Annual Report should be sent to the Ministry after Board approval to enable a brief to be prepared for the Minister



Forward copies of the signed Annual Reports as follows:

  • two copies to the Minister of Health [CE Act s150 (1)(b)]
    Attn: Svea Cunliffe-Steel
    Office of the Minister of Health
    Parliament Buildings
    Wellington 6160
  • 35 copies to the Bills Office (Note: This quantity has been confirmed by the Bills Office; each box is not to exceed 13kg)
    Office of the Clerk
    Attn: Bills Office
    Parliament Building
    Wellington 6160
  • one PDF copy to the Bills Office
  • one PDF copy to the Ministry of Health
    Attn: Relationship Manager
    DHB Relations and Accountability

(See guidance on Shoulder Numbers and pages 12 and 13, Treasury Guidance and Presentation of Papers to the House)

By 21 November (within 15 working days of Step 3)


The Minister presents Annual Report to the House of Representatives
[CE Act s150(3)]

(See page 14, Treasury Guidance)

By 28 November (within 5 days of step 5)


DHB and subsidiaries publish Annual Report
[CE Act s150(4)]

(See Presentation of Papers to the House)

By 5 December (within 10 working days of step 5)