Oral health service specifications

Current service specifications for oral health services.

Oral health

Tier 1
Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Oral Health Services (docx, 99.34 KB) Mandatory See service specification for list of purchase units 01 June 2015
Tier 2
Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Adolescent Oral Health Coordination Services (docx, 107.88 KB) Mandatory D01009 29 June 2015
Community Oral Health Services for Children and Some Adolescents (docx, 120.18 KB) Mandatory D01022 01 June 2015
Emergency Dental Services for Low Income Adults (docx, 82.93 KB) Mandatory D01005 20 August 2015
Hospital Dental Services (docx, 93.96 KB) Mandatory D01001, D01001S1, D01001S2, D01002, D01021, D01PRE 01 June 2015

Additional resources

Combined Dental Agreement

The Service Agreement for the Provision of Oral Health Services for Adolescents and Special Dental Services for Children and Adolescents is commonly known as the Combined Dental Agreement or the CDA.

Operational Guidelines

Licence to Occupy

Ministry of Education ‘Licence to Occupy’ for CDA contractors using school premises to provide adolescent dental services.