Eating disorder service specifications

Current service specifications for eating disorder services.

Eating disorder services

Tier 2
Document link Status Purchase units Last updated
Eating Disorders (docx, 69.66 KB)
Mandatory 01 March 2013
Tier 3
Document link Status Purchase units Last updated
Clinical Outpatient Services for Eating Disorders (docx, 72.77 KB)
Mandatory MHE 29A, MHE29B, MHE29C, MHE29D, MHE29E 01 March 2013
Community Services for Eating Disorders (docx, 73.79 KB)
Mandatory MHE30A, MHE30B, MHE30C, MHE30D, MHE30E 01 April 2013
Consultative Service within a Specialist Eating Disorder (docx, 75.42 KB)
Mandatory MHE28A, MHE28B, MHE28C 01 March 2013
Eating Disorders DHB Liaison (docx, 72.5 KB)
Mandatory MHE31A, MHE31B, MHE31C 01 April 2013
Eating Disorders In-patient, Intensive Treatment and Consultative (docx, 76.32 KB)
Mandatory MHE27 01 April 2013
Specialist Eating Disorders with Accommodation (docx, 75.41 KB)
Mandatory MHE32 MHE32A, MHE32B, MHE32C, MHE32D, MHE32E 01 March 2013