Adult mental health service specifications

Current service specifications for adult mental health.

Adult mental health

Tier 2
Document link Status Purchase units Last updated
Adult Mental Health (docx, 79.99 KB) Mandatory 02 June 2014
Adult Mental Health Services (docx, 71.51 KB) Mandatory 01 April 2017

Acute and in-patient services

Tier 3
Document link Status Purchase units Last updated
Adult Acute Home Based Treatment (docx, 64.4 KB) Non-mandatory MHA05A, MHA05B, MHA05C, MHA05D, MHA05S 01 April 2017
Adult Acute In-patient Services (docx, 63.11 KB) Non-mandatory MHA01 01 April 2017
Adult Acute Package of Care (docx, 64.8 KB) Non-mandatory MHA06, MHA06C, MHA06D, MHA06S 01 April 2017
Adult Crisis Respite (docx, 64.96 KB) Non-mandatory MHA03, MHA03C, MHA03D, MHA03S 01 April 2017
Adult Intensive Care In-patient Beds (docx, 65.23 KB) Non-mandatory MHA02 01 April 2017
Crisis Intervention Service (docx, 63.36 KB) Non-mandatory MHA04A, MHA04B, MHA04C, MHA04D, MHA04S 01 April 2017
General Hospital Liaison Service (docx, 64.1 KB) Non-mandatory MHA08A, MHA08B, MHA08C, MHA08S 01 April 2017
Sub-Acute/Extended Care In-patient Beds (docx, 64.42 KB) Non-mandatory MHA07 01 April 2017

Services to promote resilience, recovery and connectedness

Tier 3
Document link Status Purchase units Last updated
Adult Community Support Services (docx, 66.04 KB) Non-mandatory MHA20C, MHA20D, MHA20E, MHA20F, MHA20DH, MHA20S 12 January 2018
Day Activity and Living Skills Service (docx, 65.23 KB) Non-mandatory MHA21C, MHA21D, MHA21E, MHA21F, MHA21S 01 April 2017
Housing and Recovery Services - Daytime and Awake Night Service (docx, 67.04 KB) Non-mandatory MHA24, MHA24C, MHA24D 01 April 2017
Housing and Recovery Services - Daytime/Responsive Night Support (docx, 66.84 KB) Non-mandatory MHA25, MHA25C, MHA25D, MHA25S 01 April 2017
Housing Coordination Services (docx, 62.92 KB) Non-mandatory MHA23C, MHA23D, MHA23S 01 April 2017
Supportive Landlord Service (docx, 63.45 KB) Non-mandatory MHA26 01 April 2017
Vocational Support Service (docx, 63.7 KB) Non-mandatory MHA22C, MHA22D, MHA22E, MHA22F, MHA22S 01 April 2017

Community-based clinical treatment and therapy services

Tier 3
Document link Status Purchase units Last updated
Adult Package of Care (docx, 63.57 KB) Non-mandatory MHA19, MHA19C, MHA19D, MHA19E, MHA19S 01 April 2017
Adult Planned Respite (docx, 63.08 KB) Non-mandatory MHA17, MHA17C, MHA17D, MHA17E, MHA17S 01 April 2017
Co-existing Disorders - Mental Health and Addiction (docx, 63.21 KB) Non-mandatory MHAD14A, MHAD14B, MHAD14C, MHAD14D, MHAD14E, MHAD14F, MHAD14S 01 April 2017
Community Clinical Mental Health (docx, 64.57 KB) Non-mandatory MHA09A, MHA09B, MHA09C, MHA09D, MHA09E, MHA09F, MHA09S 01 April 2017
Community Co-existing Disorders, Mental Health and Addiction (With Accommodation) (docx, 64.86 KB) Non-mandatory MHAD15, MHAD15C, MHAD15D, MHAD15S 01 April 2017
Community Day Programme (docx, 65.73 KB) Non-mandatory MHA16A, MHA16B, MHA16C, MHA16D, MHA16E, MHA16F, MHA16S 01 April 2017
Community-based Service for Mental Health with Intellectual Disability (docx, 66.33 KB) Non-mandatory MHA13A, MHA13B, MHA13C, MHA13D, MHA13E, MHA13S 01 April 2017
Early Intervention for People with First Time Psychosis (docx, 65.81 KB) Non-mandatory MHA10A, MHA10B, MHA10C, MHA10D, MHA10E, MHA10S, MHI10A, MHI10B, MHI10C, MHI10D, MHI10E, MHI10S 01 April 2017
Infant, Child, Adolescent and Youth Day Treatment Services (docx, 65.01 KB) Non-mandatory MHI45A, MHI45B, MHI45C, MHI45D, MHI45E, MHI45F, MHI45S 01 April 2017
Mobile Intensive Treatment Service (docx, 64.54 KB) Non-mandatory MHA11A, MHA11B, MHA11C, MHA11D, MHA11E, MHA11S 01 April 2017
Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination (docx, 65.99 KB) Non-mandatory MHA18A, MHA18B, MHA18C, MHA18D, MHA18E, MHA18S 01 April 2017
Service for Profoundly Hearing Impaired (docx, 66.63 KB) Non-mandatory MHA12A, MHA12B, MHA12C, MHA12D, MHA12E, MHA12S 01 April 2017