Adult mental health service specifications

Current service specifications for adult mental health.

Adult mental health

Tier 2
Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Adult Mental Health Services (docx, 71.51 KB) Mandatory 01 April 2017

Acute and in-patient services

Tier 3
Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Adult Acute Home Based Treatment (docx, 64.4 KB) Non-mandatory MHA05A, MHA05B, MHA05C, MHA05D, MHA05S 01 April 2017
Adult Acute In-patient Services (docx, 63.11 KB) Non-mandatory MHA01 01 April 2017
Adult Acute Package of Care (docx, 64.8 KB) Non-mandatory MHA06, MHA06C, MHA06D, MHA06S 01 April 2017
Adult Crisis Respite (docx, 64.96 KB) Non-mandatory MHA03, MHA03C, MHA03D, MHA03S 01 April 2017
Adult Intensive Care In-patient Beds (docx, 65.23 KB) Non-mandatory MHA02 01 April 2017
Crisis Intervention Service (docx, 63.36 KB) Non-mandatory MHA04A, MHA04B, MHA04C, MHA04D, MHA04S 01 April 2017
General Hospital Liaison Service (docx, 64.1 KB) Non-mandatory MHA08A, MHA08B, MHA08C, MHA08S 01 April 2017
Sub-Acute/Extended Care In-patient Beds (docx, 64.42 KB) Non-mandatory MHA07 01 April 2017

Services to promote resilience, recovery and connectedness

Tier 3
Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Adult Community Support Services (docx, 66.04 KB) Non-mandatory MHA20C, MHA20D, MHA20E, MHA20F, MHA20DH, MHA20S 12 January 2018
Day Activity and Living Skills Service (docx, 65.23 KB) Non-mandatory MHA21C, MHA21D, MHA21E, MHA21F, MHA21S 01 April 2017
Housing and Recovery Services - Daytime and Awake Night Service (docx, 67.04 KB) Non-mandatory MHA24, MHA24C, MHA24D 01 April 2017
Housing and Recovery Services - Daytime/Responsive Night Support (docx, 66.84 KB) Non-mandatory MHA25, MHA25C, MHA25D, MHA25S 01 April 2017
Housing Coordination Services (docx, 62.92 KB) Non-mandatory MHA23C, MHA23D, MHA23S 01 April 2017
Supportive Landlord Service (docx, 63.45 KB) Non-mandatory MHA26 01 April 2017
Vocational Support Service (docx, 63.7 KB) Non-mandatory MHA22C, MHA22D, MHA22E, MHA22F, MHA22S 01 April 2017

Community-based clinical treatment and therapy services

Tier 3
Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Adult Package of Care (docx, 63.57 KB) Non-mandatory MHA19, MHA19C, MHA19D, MHA19E, MHA19S 01 April 2017
Adult Planned Respite (docx, 63.08 KB) Non-mandatory MHA17, MHA17C, MHA17D, MHA17E, MHA17S 01 April 2017
Co-existing Disorders - Mental Health and Addiction (docx, 63.21 KB) Non-mandatory MHAD14A, MHAD14B, MHAD14C, MHAD14D, MHAD14E, MHAD14F, MHAD14S 01 April 2017
Community Clinical Mental Health (docx, 64.57 KB) Non-mandatory MHA09A, MHA09B, MHA09C, MHA09D, MHA09E, MHA09F, MHA09S 01 April 2017
Community Co-existing Disorders, Mental Health and Addiction (With Accommodation) (docx, 64.86 KB) Non-mandatory MHAD15, MHAD15C, MHAD15D, MHAD15S 01 April 2017
Community Day Programme (docx, 65.73 KB) Non-mandatory MHA16A, MHA16B, MHA16C, MHA16D, MHA16E, MHA16F, MHA16S 01 April 2017
Community-based Service for Mental Health with Intellectual Disability (docx, 66.33 KB) Non-mandatory MHA13A, MHA13B, MHA13C, MHA13D, MHA13E, MHA13S 01 April 2017
Early Intervention for People with First Time Psychosis (docx, 65.81 KB) Non-mandatory MHA10A, MHA10B, MHA10C, MHA10D, MHA10E, MHA10S, MHI10A, MHI10B, MHI10C, MHI10D, MHI10E, MHI10S 01 April 2017
Mobile Intensive Treatment Service (docx, 64.54 KB) Non-mandatory MHA11A, MHA11B, MHA11C, MHA11D, MHA11E, MHA11S 01 April 2017
Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination (docx, 65.99 KB) Non-mandatory MHA18A, MHA18B, MHA18C, MHA18D, MHA18E, MHA18S 01 April 2017
Service for Profoundly Hearing Impaired (docx, 66.63 KB) Non-mandatory MHA12A, MHA12B, MHA12C, MHA12D, MHA12E, MHA12S 01 April 2017