Perinatal mental health service specifications

Current service specifications for perinatal mental health services.

Perinatal mental health services

Tier 2
Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Perinatal Mental Health Services (docx, 72.88 KB) Mandatory 08 July 2020
Tier 3
Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Infant Mental Health Service (docx, 68.77 KB) Non-mandatory MHIM92A, MHIM92B, MHIM92C, MHIM92D, MHIM92E, MHIM92S 01 April 2017
Perinatal Mental Health In-Patient Service (docx, 66.74 KB) Non-mandatory MHM89 01 April 2017
Perinatal Respite Service (docx, 66.47 KB) Non-mandatory MHM93, MHM93C, MHM93D, MHM93E, MHM93F, MHM93S 01 April 2017
Perinatal Specialist Community Services (docx, 67.58 KB) Non-mandatory MHM90A, MHM90B, MHM90C, MHM90D, MHM90E, MHM90F, MHM90S 01 April 2017
Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Community Service (With Accommodation) (docx, 65.12 KB) Non-mandatory MHM91, MHM91C, MHM91D, MHM91E, MHM91F, MHM91S 01 April 2017