Maternity service specifications

Current service specifications for DHB-funded maternity services.

DHB-funded maternity services

Tier 1
Document link Status Purchase units Last updated
Maternity Services (DHB Funded) (docx, 136.64 KB) Mandatory 01 May 2014
Tier 2
Document link Status Purchase units Last updated
Pregnancy and Parenting Information and Education Service (docx, 95.4 KB) Mandatory W01010, W01011 22 December 2015
Primary Maternity Facility (docx, 100.24 KB) Mandatory W02020, ADJ118 31 July 2013
Primary Maternity Services (docx, 110 KB) Mandatory W01007, W01008, W01021 01 January 2015
Secondary and Tertiary Maternity Services and Facilities (doc, 189 KB) Mandatory W10001, W03002, W03003, W03005, W03006, W03007, W03008, W03009, W03010, W03011, W03012, W10PRE 01 April 2015