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Continence Education and Consumables Services

The below assessment tools are to be used with the tier three Continence Education and Consumables Services service specification. The supply of continence consumables are be determined using agreed appropriate assessment tools in collaboration with the service user and their family or whanau.

Type of Continence Assessment Tool DHB/Organisation
General Assessment

Capital & Coast, (DOC 99KB) , Tairawhiti, DOC 177 KB) , Taranaki, (DOC 75 KB) , South Canterbury, (DOC 1.59 MB) , Wairarapa, (DOC 166.5 KB) , Auckland, (PDF 371.4 KB) , Waitemata, (PDF 79.59 KB)


Bay of Plenty, (PDF 108.3 KB) , Capital & Coast, (DOC 66.5 KB), Northland, (PDF 289.8 KB)


Bay of Plenty, (PDF 182.3 KB)


Nurse Maude, (DOC 519.5 KB) , Waikato, (PDF 492.5 KB)


Southern, (PDF 273.2 KB) , Nurse Maude - General, (DOCX 319.4 KB) , Nurse Maude - Additional Skills list, (DOCX, 13.65 KB)


Southern, (DOC 359.5 KB)


MidCentral, (DOC 671.5 KB) , Counties Manukau, (PDF 64.1 KB)


Capital & Coast, (DOC 53.5 KB) , Northland, (PDF 1.68 MB) , Waitemata, (PDF 85.2 KB)

Complexity Tool

Counties Manukau, (DOC 57.5 KB) , Waitemata, (PDF 17.5 KB)Northland, (PDF 313.1 KB)


Northland, (PDF 420.47 KB)