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Purchase Unit Data Dictionary 2019/20

Version 24.1 for use from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

Last updated 17 December 2019.

Changes sheets v25 for consultation

The PUDD v25 Changes sheets are now available for consultation. These Changes Sheets have been provided to the DHB's GMs Planning and Funding.

Once the changes have been endorsed the changes will be incorporated in the PUDD v25 for 2020/21.

Please provide any feedback to nsfl@health.govt.nz by Friday 31 January 2020.

PUDD v24.1

Version 24.1 of the Purchase unit data dictionary (PUDD) contain purchase unit codes for counting or contracting for health services for the 2019/20 financial year.

The file of purchase unit codes for reporting to National collections is also available for download.

Note: The proposed changes to the community referred tests regarding the unit of measure have not been implemented. Further work and consultation will be undertaken.

PUDD Changes Sheets


The PUDD changes sheets contain information and rationale for amendments to the purchase units and for new  or retired codes in each version of the PUDD. Changes from versions 16 to the currrent version of the PUDD are available in the Combined Changes Sheets PUDD v16 to v24.1.

Feedback or queries on the data dictionary and purchase unit codes can be sent to nsfl@health.govt.nz.