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Purchase Unit Data Dictionary 2015/16

Version 20 starting 1 July 2015, version 20.1 starting 24 July (last update 2 October 2015) and version 20.2

Versions 20, 20.1 and 20.2 of the PUDD contain purchase units for counting and contracting for health services for the 2015/16 financial year.

PUDD Changes Sheets

The PUDD changes sheets contain information on the purchase units that are new or have been amended or retired from use in each version of the PUDD. Changes to versions 16 to 21 of the PUDD are available in separate sheets or in the Combined Changes Sheets PUDD v16 to v21.

Purchase Unit Change Notifications for reporting to National Collections

The CSV file for changes to the NNPAC purchase units from versions 19.1 to 21 is available on the  Purchase Unit Data Dictionary 2016/17 page. The rationale for the changes can be found in the Changes Sheets above (note: the Changes Sheets include all the changes to the PUDD and are not exclusive to purchase units that are reported to NNPAC and NMDS).