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National Services Governance

The National Services Governance Group provides cross sector advice, oversight and leadership for National Services to ensure they are supported to deliver patient focused, high quality and accessible services that are clinically and financially sustainable.


The National Services Governance Group was established in May 2016, in consultation with DHB General Managers Planning and Funding. 


Membership of the National Services Governance Group is comprised of the following.

Ministry of Health

  • Chief Medical Officer (chair)
  • Principal Advisor National Services
  • Manager, Capital & Operating
  • Manager, CVD Diabetes Long Term Conditions

District Health Boards

  • National Service Host DHB provider and funder
  • Regional representatives of DHB General Managers, Planning and Funding
  • A DHB Chief Medical Officer

Terms of Reference

The National Services Governance Group's Terms of Reference (docx, 276.3 KB) sets out the Group's functions and roles, membership, quorum, conflict of interest policy, decision making process and other working arrangements.