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System Level Measures Annual Plan Guidance 2020/21

The purpose of this guidance is to support the development of the Improvement Plan.

System Level Measures are part of the DHB annual planning process and provide an opportunity for DHBs to work with their primary, secondary and community care providers to improve health outcomes of their local populations.

The Annual Plan Guidance has been updated to reflect the additional detail required in the SLM Improvement Plans (Improvement Plans) in 2020/21.

Alliance Approaches

The Ministry has been profiling some of the alliances and their approaches for the development and implementation of the System Level Measures. These are shared below for learning purposes.

The Guide to using the System Level Measures Framework

This guide explains the concept of System Level and contributory measures and how these can be selected and used to drive quality improvement at a local level.

Top Tips for Improving Acute Demand Management

DHBs, PHOs and community organisations are constantly working hard to manage acute demand. The Ministry of Health approached the sector asking how we can provide better acute demand management support. One of the suggestions was a document that provides tips to implement strategies for teams, departments and organisations wanting to see improved practice and improved health outcomes for patients.

The Ministry of Health has pulled together initiatives that have been working well in the health sector in New Zealand and overseas, into a document titled Top Tips for Improving Your Acute Demand Management www.health.govt.nz/publication/top-tips-improving-your-acute-demand-management/.

Minister’s Letter to DHB Chief Executives

The Minister wrote to the DHB Chief Executives in March 2016 announcing the SLMs and his expectations of DHBs.

Alliance Leadership Team (ALT) Charter

This Charter outlines the key principles and rules of engagement for alliance leadership teams.