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Data to Support System Level Measures

Last updated October 2017

Measure definitions can be found on the Health Quality Measures New Zealand website at http://www.hqmnz.org.nz/library/System_Level_Measures_Stack

Please note:

Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisations

Baseline data for target setting for 2017/18 and data for reporting against the Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisations SLM can be found on the Ambulatory sensitive (avoidable) hospital admissions page.

Babies Living in Smoke-free Homes

This SLM was implemented from 1 July 2017 as a developmental measure due to measure definition and data quality issues. The Ministry is working with a sector group to address the issues identified. DHB level data will be published on NSFL once the development work is completed which is expected to be end of March 2018. Unencrypted NHI level data (July - December 2016) for this SLM is available to DHBs and PHOs on request via the SLM inbox.


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