2020/21 Planning Package

Updated 14 August 2020

This page includes the 2020/21 planning package to help DHBs along with Public health units and Regions with their annual and regional planning and SLM improvement plan. This year the public health unit planning information is integrated in the Annual Plan guidance. The SLM improvement plan is an appendix to the Annal Plan but has separate guidance.

Adjustments to previously advised 2020/21 annual planning processes and timelines in consideration of COVID-19

The Ministry is adjusting 2020/21 annual planning processes and timelines in consideration of COVID-19.   

Central Government Agencies have advised they are exploring a range of options, including potentially modifying legislative requirements to assist entities to manage legislative planning and reporting requirements and they expect to be in a position to provide updates later in April.  
The Ministry is also considering how the impacts of COVID-19, the current level 4 national lockdown and the future path to recovery are likely to impact on the planning advice previously provided. 

In light of these issues the Ministry has adjusted the previously advised planning timelines as below:

  • Feedback on first draft plans and advice on updated planning guidance that includes any new guidance/COVID-19 impacts to be issued mid May (this date may extend if national level 4 lockdown period extends). 
  • No revised sections/full drafts of 2020/21 annual plans or regional services plans or second draft financial templates will be expected at this stage until at least mid June. Dates will be confirmed dependant on any legislative modifications that may occur. 
  • The Ministry’s financial monitoring team will continue to stay in contact during April regarding the financial templates provided to date.

Annual planning and review timeline 2020/21 (docx, 19.53 KB) 6 July update

The documents that make up the planning package:

Supporting information and documents


Updates to the Crown Funding Agreement Schedules for 2020/21


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