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Regional Services Plan Guidelines 2014/15

Regional Collaboration

District health boards (DHBs) are expected to work together at a regional level to make the best use of available resources, strengthen clinical and financial sustainability and increase access to services. Improving regional collaboration between DHBs has been an evolving process over time. In the last few years, significant progress has been made in establishing the key foundations to assist regional working and DHBs are in a good position to continue implementing their regional and sub-regional priorities.

The purpose of a Regional Services Plan (RSP) is to provide a mechanism for DHBs to document their regional collaboration efforts and align service and capacity planning in a deliberate way. The RSPs include national and local regional priorities, and outline how DHBs intend to plan, fund and implement these services at a regional or sub-regional level. The plans have a specific focus on reducing service vulnerability, reducing costs and improving the quality of care to patients.

2014/15 Regional Services Plan Guidance

In 2014/15, the visibility of contributions by DHBs to achieve regional service priorities has been strengthened with a Line of Sight guidance framework. The framework has been introduced to encourage greater alignment between Annual Plans and RSPs, and to allow DHBs to demonstrate how individual DHBs contribute to achieving regional objectives.

The 2014/15 RSP priorities (noted below) are mostly a continuation from 2013/14, with the exceptions of Health of Older People (which is now a required priority) and Major Trauma, which is a new priority. DHBs are expected to include additional priority services which are appropriate for their region.

  • Elective Services
  • Cancer Services
  • Cardiac Services
  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Stroke Services
  • Health of Older People
  • Major Trauma
  • Information Technology
  • Workforce

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    28 February 2014
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