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Guidance to support development of regional hepatitis C services

Last updated October 2017.

In 2015/16, implementation began on a revised approach to the delivery of hepatitis C services across New Zealand.  This involves the development of more integrated regional hepatitis C services where the focus will be on a co-ordinated primary and secondary health care model with regional clinical leaders.

The purpose of this guidance developed by the Hepatitis C Implementation Advisory Group is to support the development of regional hepatitis C services, by outlining the elements of the services that should be nationally consistent. The guidance covers the high level clinical pathway, minimum requirements, quality assurance frameworks, minimum standards and data collection required across all DHBs.

The guidance was updated in June 2016 to reflect major advancements in the treatment of hepatitis C. This includes the funding of two new treatments for hepatitis C from 1 July 2016. The guidance was also updated in August 2017 to take into account the lowered threshold for Harvoni.

Refer to the PHARMAC website for information to support the roll out of the new hepatitis C funded treatments. This includes product information, medical information for prescribers and pharmacists, and more details about patient eligibility for funded treatments: