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DHB performance data by ethnicity

This page is intended to provide a link to performance information routinely reported by ethnicity. The page is initially set up to display performance measures that were previously included in Māori Health Annual Plans. The intent of this page is to make this data accessible from one page and it is intended that the set of measures will be expanded over time.


PP32: Ethnicity Data Quality

PP33: Access to Care (PHO Enrolments)

SI1: Access to care (Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitilisation (ASH))

PP37: Child Health (Breastfeeding)

SI10: Cancer Screening (Cervical)

SI11: Cancer Screening (Breast)

PP34: Improving the percentage of households who are smoke free at six weeks postnatal

PP21: Immunisation

PP28: Rheumatic fever

PP13: Oral health

PP36: Reduce the rate of Māori under the Mental Health Act (s29) by at least 10% by the end of the reporting year