Timeframe for key review milestones

The key milestones for the review phase of the planning documents are shown below.

If issues concerning meeting deadlines arise, DHBs should contact their Regional Relationship Manager.

Review process key milestones Due by
Ministry provides further planning information to DHBs as necessary As available
DHBs advise NHB on proposals for ‘Service Change’ Fri 13 Feb
DHBs submit Annual Plan (AP) financials, with Production Plans, to NHB Tue 3 Mar
DHBs submit draft APs (includes Statements of Intent (SOIs) and Statements of Performance Expectations (SPEs)) to NHB along with Regional Service Plans (RSPs), and Māori Health Plans (MHPs) Fri 13 Mar
Regions submit draft Regional Capital Plans (RCPs) to the Manager Capital and Operating Mon 30 Mar
DHB public health units (PHUs) submit draft Annual Plans (PHUAPs) to respective Ministry Portfolio Managers for PHU contract Tue 31 Mar
EASTER Fri 3 Apr – Mon 6 Apr
SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Fri 3 Apr – Sun 19 April
BUDGET – implementation of any expectations TBC
ANZAC DAY (Mondayised from Saturday) Mon 27 Apr
NHB facilitates (Minister’s) feedback on DHBs draft APs (includes SOIs and SPEs), RSPs, and MHPs Week beginning Tue 28 Apr
Ministry PHU Portfolio Managers provide feedback on draft PHUAPs 30 Apr
DHBs submit second draft AP (includes SOIs and SPEs), RSPs, and MHPs to NHB Tue 26 May
DHB PHUs submit final PHUAPs to respective Ministry Portfolio Managers Sun 31 May
NHB provides feedback on final draft MHP to DHBs Mon 8 Jun
Minister provides comments to NHB on what is acceptable, or is not approved, for the DHB final APs (includes SOIs and SPEs) From Mon 8 Jun
Minister’s letters to DHBs indicating approval or changes required for APs and RSPs From Mon 15 Jun
DHBs submit final AP with SOIs and SPEs, and RSPs to Minister for approval Fri 19 Jun
DHBs to submit final MHP to NHB On or before Tue 30 Jun
Regions to submit final RCP to Manager Capital and Operating Fri 3 Jul
The Minister presents the DHB SOI and SPE component of the AP, or complete AP if they choose not to extract the SOI and SPE component, to the House of Representatives. As soon as practicable
DHB publish APs, SOIs and SPEs as soon as practicable after their SOIs and SPEs have been presented As soon as practicable