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Service Coverage Schedule

The Service Coverage Schedule defines the agreed level of service coverage that the Ministry of Health and DHBs are held accountable to. Following the recent Health and Disability reforms, an update to the Service Coverage Schedule will be published on the Ministry's website.

The Service Coverage Schedule (SCS) is one of the schedules to the Crown Funding Agreement. It is updated annually.

The purpose of including service coverage information within, but not limited to, the Crown Funding Agreement (CFA) is to allow the Minister of Health to explicitly agree to the level of service coverage that the Ministry and DHBs are held accountable to.

The SCS sets out the national minima for the range and nature of health services to be funded by DHBs. For some services the SCS also covers subsidies and user charges, as well as specific quality and audit requirements.

Recent health reforms: The Service Coverage Schedule can be found here.

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