Performance Measures for 2021/22

Last updated 6 October 2021

Below are the DHB performance measures for 2021/22. The definition section of the DHB performance measures includes information on the overview and assessment criteria.

Non-financial performance measures 2021/22 – Optional Excel workbook

In response to some DHB feedback we are trialling this Excel version of the performance measures table. The use of this document by DHBs is optional and contains the same information that is already available in the 2021/22 DHB Annual Planning Guidance and DHB Performance Measures 2021/22 documents on the NSFL.

This Excel workbook provides a breakdown of the performance measures in a way that may be useful for DHBs. Numbers such as percentages are split from the text of the performance measure, so this workbook may be useful for your own monitoring and reporting purposes eg, Annual Report, Board meetings. This document can be used as a base or foundation and can be amended (ie, add columns and rows, change colours etc) by DHBs to suit their needs.

This workbook also specifies the measures where DHBs need to provide their own expectations. The DHB specific expectations populates a table on a separate worksheet that can be copy and pasted into a Word document – the intention is that DHBs have the option to use this as the  final version of your performance measure table in your Annual Plan.

More detailed instructions on how the workbook works can be found in the Intro sheet in the Excel worksheet.

We are keen to touch base with you following the review of the 2021/22 draft annual plans and following the 2021/22 reporting period to get your feedback on if this workbook is useful for DHBs. If you have any early feedback or queries, these can be emailed through to [email protected].

We would like to re-iterate that the use of this workbook is completely optional.