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Data for target setting

Data for DHBs for target setting for the Performance Measures

Oral Health performance measures 2020/21

Updated 4 May 2021.

CW01 and CW02 target setting

The target setting model for CW01 (percentage of children caries-free at age five) and CW02 (average number of decayed, missing and filled teeth (DMFT) per child at school year 8) for 2020/21 (for oral health this means the 2020 calendar year) is now available.  

The target setting model is based on historical actual performance for 2016-2019 adjusted for changes in age-specific deprivation by DHB.  A consistent expectation is then applied to all DHBs (4% movement from children with caries to caries-free, and 10% improvement (reduction) in DMFT, from the average for 2016-2019).  The methodology is the same as that used last year except that an additional year's actual data (for 2019) has been added to the baseline and the 2015 data has been deleted from the model.

The model provides consistency and fairness in the setting of these targets across all DHBs.

  • To find the targets for 2020 go to the 'Target Data' tab.
  • The targets for CW01 are shown in the  green column R, rows 20-39.
  • The targets for CW02 are shown in the green column AB, rows 40-59.
  • At this stage indicative targets for year 2 (2021) should be the same as the definitive year 1 (2020) targets.

CW03 target setting

The targets remain ≥ 95% for pre-school enrolment and ≤ 10% for arrears. 

CW04 target setting

The target for CW04 remains  ≥ 85% adolescent utilisation of DHB-funded dental services for 2020.