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Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Addiction Sector Performance Monitoring and Improvement

Source information for reporting against mental health and addiction performance measures.

Mental Health Consumer Satisfaction Surveys

Performance Measures

PP6: Improving the health status of people with severe mental illness through improved access

PP7: Improving mental health services using relapse prevention planning from 2006/07 to 2013/14 (XLSX, 1.0 MB)

Improving mental wellbeing (MH02): Improving mental health services using transition (discharge) planning

MH02 2018/19 transition plans

MH02 2019/20 transition plans

MH03: Shorter waits for mental health services for under 25-year olds

Transition (discharge) wellness plans DHB Domicile 

PP36: Reduce the rate of Māori under the Mental Health Act (s29) by at least 10% by the end of the reporting year (XLSX, 17.7KB)

  • NOTE: The PP36 data includes the latest rates (over the last four quarters) of Māori under Mental Health Act Section 29 community treatment orders relative to other ethnicities.  This data will be used as a basis to inform changes that occur in Māori rates under community treatment orders as a result of actions taken to meet the 10% reduction goal of the PP36 performance measure for 2017/18.

PP8: Shorter waits for non-urgent mental health and addiction services, see mental health and addictions waiting time data below.