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National Asset Management Programme

The Ministry was asked by the Minister of Health to establish a National Asset Management Programme.

A dedicated project team at the Ministry is working in partnership with DHBs and other technical experts to achieve this.

Why is a National Asset Management Programme (NAMP) needed?

The NAMP is part of a government-wide focus to improve capital funding decisions, capital investment plans and asset management, and to ensure investments deliver the best value for New Zealanders.

The NAMP will combine elements from the sector, including:

  • a database holding information on DHBs’ assets:
    • condition; fitness for purpose; demand; capacity
  • a process and tool to:
    • manage the information
    • determine investment forecasts
    • make informed decisions across the sector
    • develop a pipeline for future capital investment.

The current state assessment of DHB assets released in June provides a consistent nationwide picture of the condition and fitness for purpose of DHB assets, with a focus on main hospital campuses and acute care facilities. It provides a good foundation for understanding the pressure points. The assessment is available on the Ministry of Health website.

The Ministry is developing a work programme to improve infrastructure delivery and asset management in the sector including a national framework with service design standards, maintenance and renewal strategies, capital planning guidance, and more focus on health equity and sustainability.

Over time, the NAMP and other work programmes in the Ministry’s Health Infrastructure Unit, will support the development of a long term investment strategy which will enable the Government to make more informed decisions. The NAMP will deliver a National Asset Management Plan by 2022. 

For further information contact the team at [email protected].

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