NAMP project update – July 2020

Welcome to our latest update from the National Asset Management Programme (NAMP) team. This update includes:

  1. Team update
  2. What have we been working on?
  3. What’s on the horizon?
  4. Upcoming asset management events

1. Team update – COVID-19

The last few months have been surreal times. Our entire NAMP team was asked to work from home from late March. Max and Donna also supported the Ministry’s Hospital Response team part time, on top of still progressing the NAMP.

We welcomed Lauren Russell to the team in May – a difficult time to start, when you can’t interact your colleagues face to face and get to know the office routine.

Her name might be familiar to many of you as she joined us from the ICR team in Treasury. Lauren will focus on asset management rather than modelling as this function was transferred to the Service Planning team in the new HIU structure. 

Lauren is a permanent member of our team, so don’t be surprised if you get an email, call or visit from Lauren. She’s looking forward to meeting many of you.

Our work didn’t stop during lockdown and we were kept busy refining the asset management framework and finalising the first NAMP report. The team got very familiar with zoom meetings which was a good learning as it proved we can work with DHBs through zoom and we’re all more adaptable than we thought.

The team were however happy to return to the ‘new normal’ which gives us some days each week working from the office.

We know most of you were working in our hospitals keeping services running, ensuring that facilities and equipment were available, and we’d like to acknowledge the hard work by DHB staff during a difficult time.

2. What have we been working on?​

Photo of woman doing part of the assessment. First NAMP report

In our March update, we told you that the Minister of Health had reviewed the National Asset Management Programme for district health boards: Report 1: The current state assessment, with a view to making the report public.

We spent several weeks putting the finishing touches to the report. The information was triple-triple checked as well as adding the substantial appendix.

The report was released on 10 June. If you haven’t had the chance to read the report, it’s on the Ministry of Health website.

We wish to thank DHB staff for their input, hospitality and wealth of information provided during the investigation phase which enabled us to produce the report.

Stay tuned for NAMP 2 due out in 2022! Hopefully we will have a shorter title for the second report!

Clinical Facility Fitness for Purpose – Phase 2

We also mentioned in our last update that we were going to start CFFFP Phase 2, reviewing all the mental health facilities. Rose, from our team, along with Chow Hill started this phase on 16 March, but had to stop after two days due to COVID-19.

We reviewed the programme during the lockdown, and contacted DHBs to restart site visits as soon as it was safe. The team commenced with a visit to Wakari in Dunedin in late May.

We are well underway with the visits and expect them to be completed in mid-August. Look for Rose and the Chow Hill visiting your DHB soon. See the full revised On-site Assessment Schedule (Word, 23 KB).

You will notice the previous schedule included MidCentral DHB, but it’s not on the revised schedule. MidCentral changed its model of care and a site visit was no longer necessary as the unit re-located and its size reduced to under 10 beds.

For those DHBs we’ve already visited, thank you for your time and warm welcome. There’s been an overwhelming theme so far of the professionalism and care provided by DHBs.  

A full report combining mental health CFFFP assessments from phase one and two will be compiled in September.

This will also inform other mental health work in the HIU (including forensic demand and capacity), as well as the Ministry’s mental health directorate.

Asset Management Framework

Based on the information gathered at the HAMI workshop in February, the team has been refining the Asset Management (AM) Framework. Much of this work was prepared by the team while we were in lockdown. 

The team has sought feedback from DHBs and we’re in the process of finalising and getting approval to roll out to the wider sector. As you’ll appreciate, this is a process that takes time. Our expectation is that we will release the final document to apply in September/October.

The AM framework is being presented to Capital Investment Committee (CIC) later this month and is also likely to require Director General or Ministerial sign-out.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Thank you for your time in reviewing the documents and providing insightful feedback. Along with the publication of the current state assessment, we’re confident this is a major step forward for asset management in health.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to email [email protected].

3. What’s on the horizon?

The team is currently looking at:

  • a comprehensive and achievable work programme within our available resourcing
  • an asset risk and assurance framework for infrastructure and buildings
  • trialling NAMS+, a product that assists in populating an asset management plan (this tool may be able to assist DHBs)
  • expanding the on-site building and infrastructure evaluation of mental health for four sites
  • defining the scope and assessment approach for critical IT and clinical equipment assets.

Look out for further information on these activities in our upcoming newsletters. If you have any questions, please contact Maxine Forde or email: [email protected]

4. Upcoming events

HAMI Meeting

The next HAMI meeting is being planned for 24 August at the Ministry’s Wellington offices. The planned theme is Future Proofing Assets, with a view to sustainability. 

The agenda will be sent out once finalised, proposed topics for the day include:

  • update on national asset management framework
  • sustainability issues in the sector
  • decarbonisation of the state sector
  • boilers and chillers review
  • asset risk and assurance framework.

If you’d like a copy of the presentations or to be invited to the next meeting, please contact: [email protected].

Asset Management Training

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) works with NZ Asset Management Support to develop and implement best practice in asset management.

IPWEA have the following courses coming up. For more information and to register go to the IPWEA website.

Date Course Location
1 August Introduction to Asset Management (Digital Badge 101)
Registration closes 26 July
Understanding Requirements Asset Management (Digital Badge 202)
Registration closes 26 July
Lifecycle Planning (Digital Badge 203)
Pre-requisites AM101 and AM202
Registration closes 26 July
Asset Management Enablers (Digital Badge 204)
Pre-requisites AM101, AM202 and AM203
Registration closes 26 July
2 November NAMS Advanced Asset Management Forum
‘Challenges, Opportunities, Connections’
2–4 December IPWEA NZ 2020 Annual Conference
‘Being Bold – Facing our Challenges’

Lifelines Infrastructure National Vulnerability Assessment

The NZ Lifelines Council has released the 2020 Edition of the National Vulnerability Assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to provide a better understanding of:

  • what is national significant infrastructure
  • infrastructure vulnerability and resilience to hazards.

NZ Lifelines Council recognised that DHBs are reliant on all lifeline utility services, including electricity, water (potable and waste), telecommunications, transport, fuel, and gas.

Hospitals have a range of business continuity plans in place including back up generation and stored water. An issue is that the BCP only have enough to maintain essential operations for a few days before resupply would be required.

It’s worth having a read of the report: National Vulnerability Assessment (PDF, 5.8 MB).

5. Next update

So as promised, we’re returning to our regular monthly updates to keep you posted on the work programme and other events in the capital investment space. Look out for our next update, and please contact the team if you have any questions: [email protected]