NAMP project update - July 2019

Welcome to the July 2019 update on the National Asset Management Plan.

The team is working hard to achieve our deadline of September for providing the Minister of Health with an overview of the current state of DHB assets. 

So what have the team been doing?

This update includes:

  1. work completed so far with on-site assessment feedback, DHB self-assessments, steering and reference groups
  2. current project priorities and how you can assist us
  3. upcoming events relating to asset management with a schedule of IPWEA run training courses.

1. Work to date

On-site assessment feedback

As we mentioned last month, the on-site visits produced a wealth of information. It’s fair to say, we under-estimated the amount of data we’d collect on individual buildings, and it’s taken us longer than expected to reconcile the data with what we currently have, particularly on seismic information.

The on-site assessment interim reports have been sent to DHBs for review. We’ve really appreciated the continued engagement from your facilities teams who have provided feedback.

Validating this information is an important part of the process.  We also want to ensure that DHBs aren’t surprised by the results as these interim reports will be an appendix to next month’s draft NAMP report to the Minister.

DHB self-assessments of buildings

The work with DHBs on the self-assessment of 1,026 building is largely complete with only a few buildings outstanding, and we understand the reasons why these are taking a little longer to assess.

Overall, it’s been an amazing response!

We won’t be sending out an interim report on the data collected as we’ve contacted DHBs directly on any changes needed. The data will now be incorporated into the September report.

Clinical Fit for Purpose Assessments

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sending each DHB Director of Nursing a report on the findings from the assessments on clinical spaces conducted by Rose and the ChowHill team.

This is later than we’d hoped, but there was a significant amount of information to work through. We’d really appreciate if you can review your report and send any feedback to Rose within two weeks.

The interim reports are specific to the findings for your DHB, but in parallel the team has been completing analysis for trends and documenting them so we have a national view of the data.

Both these outputs will form a part of the NAMP for the Minister. We plan to share the national trend findings with you once it’s peer reviewed by the Clinical Reference Group in September.

Steering and Reference Groups

The work we’re doing is overseen by a number of review and governance groups. 

During July, the team reported back to:

  • NAMP Steering group (Treasury, Ministry of Health, DHBs, HAMI and Housing NZ representatives);
  • Clinical Reference Group (includes DHB clinicians, Ministry of Health and Health Architects);
  • Building Reference Group (includes building experts and Housing NZ);
  • Capital Investment Committee.

We have our first Demand and Capacity Reference group scheduled for 28 August. This group is primarily represented by DHBs with expertise from Planning and Funding, COOs and Service Delivery.

The inaugural meeting will be an opportunity to validate the NAMP demand and capacity model.

2. Current project priorities

Health Asset Register Tool (HART)

Work is ongoing to pull the project together into one tool - which we’re calling the Health Asset Register Tool (HART). 

The key elements are: building and infrastructure, clinical facility fitness for purpose, and demand and capacity. The asset register will enable the Ministry to analyse the data at multiple levels from a national level down to individual buildings.

We’re keen to show the asset register at the next HAMI meeting. 

3. Upcoming Events

Asset Management Training

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) works with NZ Asset Management Support to develop and implement best practice in asset management.

IPWEA is delivering some asset management training over the upcoming months. We’d highly recommend the training, they know their stuff.

Date Course Location
11 Sept Understanding Asset Management Rotorua
12 Sept Writing, Living & Updating Asset Management Plans Rotorua
3 Oct Understanding Asset Management Gisborne
4 Oct Writing, Living & Updating Asset Management Plans Gisborne
31 Oct Writing, Living & Updating Asset Management Plans Dunedin
1 Nov Developing & Reviewing Levels of Service Measures Dunedin
12 Nov Asset Management for Building & Property Portfolio Wellington
19 Nov Writing, Living & Updating Asset Management Plans Wellington

For more information on the courses and how to register, see the IPWEA website.