NAMP project update – April 2019

Welcome to the third monthly update from the National Asset Management Plan (NAMP) team. We’d like to thank you for all the help you’ve given the team to keep the project on track.

This updates covers:

  • Work completed so far with an update on the on-site assessments, escalation protocol, and asset management training.
  • Current project priorities and how you can assist us with assessing critical buildings, self-assessments and bed stocktake.

1. Work to Date

On-site Assessment

Many of you will already be aware that the on-site assessment started at the end of last month with the NAMP team working alongside BECA and ChowHill. Since then the building and clinical teams have visited a number of sites, see below.

DHB Site Building Clinical
Waitemata DHB North Shore Hospital Yes  
Waitakere Hospital Yes  
Counties Manakau DHB Middlemore Hospital Yes  
Bay of Plenty DHB Tauranga Hospital Yes Yes
Whatakane Mental Health Yes  
Lakes DHB Rotorua Hospital Yes Yes
MidCentral DHB Palmerston North Hospital   Yes
Taranaki DHB Taranaki Base Hospital Yes Yes
Whanganui DHB Whanganui Hospital   Yes
Canterbury DHB Christchurch Hospital Yes  
Hillmorton Hospital Yes  
West Coast DHB Grey Base Hospital Yes Yes
South Canterbury DHB Timaru Hospital Yes Yes
Southern DHB Southland Hospital Yes Yes
Wakari Hospital Yes Yes

The teams were well received at each DHB. Thanks again to all the staff who made time to spend with the teams, showing them through the facilities.  As you can see from the list, our building and clinical teams may not be visiting the same location at the same time. 

An updated timetable on the visit programme is available on our Nationwide Service Framework Library (NSFL) page.

Escalation protocol

So what happens if during a visit to a DHB the NAMP assessment team spots an urgent issue?

The Ministry has developed an escalation protocol which has been endorsed by the Capital Investment Committee (CIC) and acknowledged by the Minister.

If any material or urgent issues are identified during the NAMP initial assessment period the Ministry has committed to:

  • Formally notifying the DHB CEO (if they are not already aware of the issue)
  • Informing CIC at the earliest opportunity
  • Where appropriate, fast tracking DHB cases for urgent works (including consideration by CIC and the Ministry’s prioritisation process).

Asset management training

Four training sessions took place in Christchurch (4 April), Auckland (8 and 9 April), and Wellington (11 April).  

The response from the sector was fantastic with 63 people attending from 17 DHBs, HealthAlliance and the Ministry. 

Photo of a groups reporting back on a brainstorming exercise.

The sessions were designed to be interactive and to share experiences and knowledge amongst the sector. 

Photo of a woman speaking at the session. With a cross section of attendees, including Chief Financial Officers, funding and planning managers, clinical engineering, facilities management, capital planners and IT managers, the experiences covered all facets of DHB asset management.

Key topics covered were:

  • Asset maturity model
  • Asset registers
  • Levels of service for asset performance
  • Short term and long term planning including three year forward work programme
  • Asset road map
  • Benefits for an organisation
  • Linkages between the different types of asset management plans

The course material will be shared with participants. If you know someone who attended the training, ask them to share their learnings from the day.

At this stage we are not planning to run any further training sessions. If you have a query about the training information, please contact us at [email protected]

Photo of session participants.

2. Current project priorities

Bed stocktake

As mentioned last month, the team is refreshing the bed stocktake information that has previously been collected as part of the asset and facilities stocktake. The template was sent out on 5 April, with returns due on 3 May.

If you haven’t completed the template or mislaid the request, please contact [email protected]

Assessing the remaining current state of critical buildings

For those DHBs which haven’t been visited yet, Leigh and Rose will be contacting facility managers and directors of nursing to finalise dates and times. We are on track to visit all DHBs by mid-June.

The visit schedule is available on the webpage. It is continually updated to accommodate changing circumstances.

Again just a reminder, if the team has contacted you for information please respond promptly as it’s important preparation ahead of the visit. It helps to ensure that visits run smoothly and it minimises the amount of time needed for the assessment.

Self-assessments by DHBs for remaining properties

To ensure a complete view of the DHB estate, buildings that aren’t part of the on-site assessment need a self-assessment by DHBs.  

The self-assessment will only cover the same building elements that BECA are assessing and no clinical information will be requested.

There will be further follow-up for critical site infrastructure where BECA has not visited the site.

An online form has been developed with BECA, and a link will be sent to facility managers shortly with details on how to complete the form.

With your help, the team is expecting to have this process completed by the end of June

The self-assessment will be one of the topics covered at the next HAMI meeting in Wellington in early June. 

Invites to the meeting will be sent once timing is confirmed. If you don’t receive an invitation and are keen to attend, please email [email protected]

Thanks again for your help with the NAMP, it’s appreciated.

Look out for our next monthly update, and please contact the team if you have any questions, email [email protected]