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Roles and responsibilities for Crown Funding Agreement variations

A number of different people are involved in the drafting and sign off of CFA variations, each person's role and responsibilities are outlined below.

Role Responsibilities

Last updated 4 October 2019.

CFA Variation Creation

Variation Owner
  • Ensures all documentation and approvals are submitted by the published deadlines
  • Ensures all DHBs (or a delegated party) have taken part in negotiations on the terms of the CFA variation
  • Follows the CFA variation process, as published
  • Ensures the CFA variation is properly managed and monitored
CFA Coordinator
  • Advises the Variation Owner on the CFA variation process
  • Ensures the proper process is followed
Purchase Unit Coordinator
  • Gives advice on appropriate purchase unit codes for a CFA variation
  • Advises on the process for creating a new purchase unit, if necessary
Service Specification Programme Manager
  • Gives advice on the use of nationwide service specifications or the need to develop a new service specification
  • Ensures that due process is followed for service specification development
Reporting Coordinator
  • Gives advice on CFA variation reporting requirements and the DHB reporting process
DHB Funding
  • Gives advice on payment methods or payment terms for CFA variations
Health Legal
  • Gives advice on legal risks in CFA variations
Sign off from this person: Means that:

CFA Variation Approval

CFA Coordinator
  • The correct template has been used and all required documentation has been received
  • Amendments sit within the appropriate signed CFA
  • The service descriptions are specific enough; the reporting requirements meet Ministry guidelines; and appropriate purchase units are used
Variation Owner
  • The variation has been thoroughly spell checked and proofed for errors, quality, accuracy, and completeness
  • The detail in the variation adequately reflects the service and funding requirements
  • The DHB has been involved in the negotiation of the variation
Health Legal
  • Any legal risks to the Ministry are accounted for
Budget Authoriser
  • The payment terms in the template are correct
  • The funding has been allocated for the service
Group Manager
  • The variation’s final wording is approved for DHB agreement
  • Additional expenditure is accounted for
Sign off from this person: Means that:

Omnibus Approval

CFA Coordinator
  • The correct omnibus template has been used
  • The Variations’ schedule numbers are correctly assigned
  • The Variations sit within the correct omnibus for each DHB
Health Legal
  • Any legal risks to the Ministry are accounted for
  • The omnibus documentation is legally robust
DHB Funding
  • The payment terms in the omnibus are correct
  • The DHB cash profiles are correctly updated and tracked
Performance Monitoring and Analytics
  • The reporting requirements are appropriate and meet Ministry guidelines
  • The reporting requirements are noted for inclusion in the DHB Quarterly Reporting Database
DHB Regional Relationship Manager
  • New services requirements on the DHBs are noted
DHB Chief Executive
  • The DHB agrees to deliver on the obligations outlined in the omnibus, in exchange for allocated funding

Director, DHB Performance Support and Infrastructure

  • The omnibus has been executed.
  • The Director, DHB Performance, has delegated authority on behalf of the Minister to sign both the Principle CFAs and the CFA variations.