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Stage 2: CFA Variation Approval and Sign Off Process

The variation owner must manage the sign off process and see that all approvals are received prior to the deadline.

Failure to complete the approval process by the published deadline could result in the variation being removed from the current round to the next omnibus round. This will delay the execution of the variation by at least three months. Give yourself plenty of time for approvals (3-4 weeks may be necessary) to avoid this situation.

Receive Database Link

Once the Variation Register is received with the funding approval and Business Case (or equivalents), the CFA Coordinator will create a database page for each CFA Variation. The link to each variation (one for each DHB) will be emailed to the Variation Owner. The Variation Owner actively manages the approval process from this stage. An approval button will appear at the top of each database page. Once the Variation Owner clicks “approve”, the variation will be sent by automatic email to Health Legal for approval.

Complete Draft CFA Variation

The CFA Variation should be drafted in the database. This makes it easier for the CFA Coordinator to assist and provide feedback early in the process.

CFA Variation Approval Process

The approval chain for CFA Variations begins with the CFA Coordinator and ends with the Group Manager. The approval process is electronic and based within the CFA Tracking Database.

CFA Coordinator → Variation Owner → Health Legal → Budget Authoriser → Group Manager

When the CFA Coordinator is satisfied that all documentation is received and that the draft variation complies with Ministry policy, he/she will sign off the variation to the Variation Owner. Once the draft variation is spell checked and reviewed for quality, the Variation Owner can sign off the variation to Health Legal. After Health Legal approval, the variation goes to the Budget Authoriser, then the Group Manager for approval. Once this approval chain is complete, the variation is ready to be compiled into an omnibus with all variations from that round.

Omnibus Approval Process

Once the completed variations are compiled, the Omnibuses go through a separate approval process. When DHBs receive a CFA Omnibus, they have four weeks to review and agree to the variations and return the signed documents to the Ministry. At this point the variations are executed.

CFA Coordinator → Health Legal → DHB Capital and Operating, Funding → Reporting Coordinator → DHB Regional Relationship Manager → DHB Chief Executive →  Director, DHB Performance, Service Commissioning